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Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a potentially debilitating condition resulting from overusing the hands to perform a repetitive task, such as typing, clicking a mouse, or writing. Anyone who uses a computer regularly is at risk and should know about RSI. Unfortunately, most people are uninformed and do not understand what RSI is or how serious it can be. This webpage is intended to educate computer users about RSI, and to provide useful suggestions for prevention and treatment. Much of the information provided here is also relevant for RSIs derived from other activities such as playing an instrument, gaming, or any other repetitive task. The page additionally contains a few specific pieces of advice for students.

This webpage was written and is maintained by Clay Scott . I have formatted the site as a single page in order to minimize clicking, and so that you can easily print the page if you prefer. You may feel free to contact me if you have questions that I might be able to answer (email preferred)). I have been living with RSI since 1997.

Last modified Feb. 13, 2015.

(Adapted from Repetitive Strain Injury by Dr. Emil Pascarelli and Deborah Quilter)

In simple medical terms, repetitive strain injury (RSI) is defined as a cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) stemming from prolonged repetitive, forceful, or awkward hand movements. The result is damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves of the neck, shoulder, forearm, and hand, which can cause pain, weakness, numbness, or impairment of motor control.

You may wonder how seemingly innocuous activities such as typing and clicking a mouse button could possibly be harmful. Fine hand movements, repeated hour after hour, day after day, thousands upon thousands of times, eventually strain the muscles and tendons of the forearms, wrists, and fingers, causing microscopic tears. Injured muscles tend to contract, decreasing the range of motion necessary for stress free work. The sheaths that cover delicate tendons run out of lubrication because they aren't given time to rest, so tendon and sheath chafe, resulting in pain. Due to this abrasion, tendons become inflamed, and begin to pinch neighboring nerves. This can result in numbness, tingling, or hypersensitivity to touch. Unless this cycle is interrupted, it repeats itself over and over, and a long-term, chronic problem results.

Repetitive strain injury can affect more than just your hands and wrists. Poor posture can lead to severe neck and back injuries. Staring at a computer screen can lead to eye strain. Repetitive reaching for a mouse can lead to arm and neck strain as well as spinal asymmetry.

RSI is not a specific medical diagnosis, but rather a family of disorders. Many people mistakenly equate RSI with carpal tunnel syndrome, even though CTS is only one particular form of RSI. One recent study even reported that frequent computer users are no more likely to develop CTS than non-computer users. Don't let this mislead you, though. Many other forms of RSI do come on as a result of frequent computer use.

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Stimulants are an effective way of managing ADHD symptoms such as short attention span, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. There are many stimulants available: short acting (immediate-release), intermediate-acting, and long-acting forms.

Stimulant therapy is the most commonly used treatment for Attention-Deficit Disorder/ Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as .

Stimulants are an effective way of managing ADHD symptoms such as short attention span, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. They may be used alone or in combination with behavior therapy.

These drugs improve ADHD symptoms in about 70% of adults and 70% to 80% of children shortly after starting treatment. Improvements include reduced interrupting, fidgeting, and other hyperactive symptoms, as well as improved task completion and home relationships.

Improvements in behavior and attention span usually continue as long as the medication is taken, although benefits in social adjustment and school performance have not yet been shown to endure over the long term.

These medications are not considered to be habit-forming when used to treat ADHD in children and adolescents , and there is no evidence that their use leads to drug abuse. Nonetheless, there is a potential for abuse and addiction with any stimulant medication, especially if a person has a history of substance abuse . Recent research, nevertheless, shows that individuals with ADHD had a lower incidence of substance use disorder if they were medically treated than if they were not treated.

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There are many stimulants available: short acting (immediate-release), intermediate-acting, and long-acting forms. Common stimulants include:

The short-acting forms of the drug are usually taken 2 or 3 times a day and the long-acting ones just once a day.

Newer forms of some stimulant drugs may reduce side effects and relieve symptoms for a longer period of time. They include Concerta (10 to 12 hour duration), Ritalin LA (6 to 8 hours), Metadate CD (6 to 8 hours), and Adderall XR (10 to 12 hours), Vyvanse (up to 13 hours), Focalin XR (12 hours) and Daytrana (10 to12 hours).

It is important to note that this is not an all inclusive list. Your physician will need to evaluate your complete medical history and regimen of medications, over-the-counter drugs, and dietary supplements to help determine if you would be able to take a certain stimulant.

Think you can’t offer free shipping? Keep in mind that this is often a psychological game. Increase your product prices to cover shipping cost if that’s what needs to be done.

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The experts over at ShipperHQ say, “Absolutely.” Here’s how to do it.

Create coupon codes that customers can use at checkout to get a specific amount off or a percentage of the purchase.

If you are selling brand name items that a lot of other stores offer, unfortunately you might have to price your products at or below the average price in order to compete. Be sure to adjust your prices frequently to see what resonates. Also know that the quality of your marketing and imagery will heavily influence the price someone is willing to pay.

Fitness brands like Lululemon and Outdoor Voices have done this extremely well. Just check out the article in the New Yorker praising Outdoor Voices’ products . They have clearly targeted the right audience. Market your brand to the right audience, with the right messaging and the right imagery, and the revenue will come in .

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Why value-based pricing works best (both for your customer and your bottom line).

If your store checkout process is too long, complicated or unconventional, you may lose a lot of customers right as they are ready to buy. This crucial step in the funnel is where a lot of your split testing, A/B tests and site tweaks should take place.

Of course, there are industry standards for most hosted ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, but you may still need to tweak the process based on your customers.

For example, BigCommerce offers an optimized checkout out-of-the-box that is technically a single page (with a few drop downs and a persistent view of the product(s) being bought).

Out-of-the-box optimized checkout example.

Some brands like to take this even further and build off that optimized checkout to create a true one-page checkout where you can see the entire checkout process when you land on the page. Multiple BigCommerce partners can help you skin this as needed.

One page checkout skin example, powered by Intuit Solutions.

If you are getting a lot of abandoned carts ––i.e. Someone lands on your site, puts an item in the cart and then leaves –– then abandoned cart software can greatly increase your store conversion rates.

This software works with users that have added items to their shopping cart, entered their email and details and then left your store. Some ecommerce platforms offer this software free as part of the store functionality. Thankfully, BigCommerce is one of those.

Here’s an example of the first email from a BigCommerce customer after an abandoned cart.

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