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Ángel Calvo Ulloa

Eduardo Hurtado has been seduced by data that is no longer valid. By books that used to tell a story which appears to not be important anymore, that perhaps has ceased to be a story. One sometimes avoids thinking evil, but we remember that phrase by Orwell– quoted so many times that it has lost its meaning – in which control, past, present and future are combined; so we frown hoping that what they have told us has not ceased to interest them and therefore ceased to be valid as well.

Hurtado is very sure about the places through which his work travels and the basic concepts of the discourse. To talk about it implies wandering around those ideas and the task, though possible and inexhaustible, is tedious. This is not the case of an artist who intends to find answers in a text about his work, but that of an artist who is interested in getting to know the impressions that all of this arises in a spectator who is willing to put his experience into words.

I begin by quoting Valente, probably due to the impossibility of placing myself in the tradition on which Eduardo Hurtado draws. Basque art of the last fifty years draws on Oteiza, or, more specifically on a Oteiza who afflicted and powerless watches how his apostles, a work of a lifetime, observes their frieze by the side of a road like an open and empty sarcophagus that in Hurtado recall the horizontal planes from which his pieces spring –TENGO / veintinueve de enero / una cristiana tristeza ardiendo / de tanto vigor perdido tanta hambre de obstinada estatua / repartida / […] [2] - .

These are the two places from which we most likely should analyse such tradition: the pedestal and the hard shoulder. The pedestal as a place where the image is placed, exalted and distorted, and the hard shoulder as a place that annuls all hope, as a waiting room where the fighter dies, but both loaded with dignity.

I think of Todas las cosas imaginables ( All imaginable things) as a project on distances and impossibilities, and I distinguish two ideas that bring us closer to Eduardo Hurtado’s proposal: the certainty of standing before a situation understood as a theatrical element and the distance the artist keeps to it.

Places for cultural resistance, spaces where tough battles have been fought which seem to be contained in each and every one of the volumes. Industrial pieces that support the images and that enclose annulled or unexamined spaces. Hurtado’s work is located halfway between the industrial past and present surrounding his place of residence and academic activity – he never dissociates his artistic work from his research -. Concepts in deep connection with an environment that is characterised by the iron and steel tradition which marked the social, political and geographic evolution of the Basque Country.

Rogers, W. M. (2002). Theoretical and mathematical constraints of interactive regression models. Organizational Research Methods, 5, 212–230.

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March 24, 2018 at 10:54 am

Theoretical calculation becomes more complicated if you do two-sided tests (that are used in a regression). Not sure about first part of the question, but results to last part could change because we would also include large values with opposite sign when calculating mean of significant results.

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May 13, 2018 at 5:49 am

Realize I’m a bit late in this discussion. Great points made on this important subject of testing and estimating subgroup effects; a key issue in the analysis and interpretation of randomized clinical trials in medicine. Thank you Andrew, and all those that commented!

Perhaps I missed some of the points above; did anyone really simulate the case study as suggested? Admittedly, estimates of effect sizes are key; and these impact on the estimated SE in a model, correct? Under the Null, main effect has SE 0.63; interaction has SE of 1.26, with N=1000, sigma 10.

With the given example, main effect 2.8*sigma; for x2== -.5, 2.1*sigma, and for x2== .5, 3.5*sigma. This is the implication of the interaction being half the size of the main effect (1.4; -.7 and +.7 effect). This results is 3 interesting findings: 1. SE of main effect is estimated larger as 0.70 2. SE of main effect is estimated as 0.66 if we adjust for x2 3. SE of interaction is estimated as 1.26.

My reflections: – The only correct model is the model with interaction; and there the SE is identical to what was derived under the Null (SE 1.26). – In practice, we will start with the main effect model, and some variance is explained by adjusting for other covariates that are associated with the outcome. This is indeed what we observed for x2, even if x2 is interacting with x1. So, this confirms the recommendation to include covariates that are associated with the outcome, more than searching for subgroup effects. – The inclusion of prognostic covariates is beneficial in linear models as well as in generalized linear models such as logistic or Cox regression: ; ; ;

The R script: library(“arm”) N <- 1000 sigma <- 10 y <- rnorm(N, 0, sigma) x1 <- sample(c(-0.5,0.5), N, replace=TRUE) x2 <- sample(c(-0.5,0.5), N, replace=TRUE) display(lm(y ~ x1)) display(lm(y ~ x1 + x2 + x1:x2)) # this was with y under the Null

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institution, France
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Alternative Title: IGN

Institut Géographique National (IGN) , one of the foremost centres of mapmaking and geographic research in Belstaff Woman Wrapeffect Washed Crepe De Chine Dress Army Green Size 42 Belstaff Clearance Good Selling Really For Sale Real Inexpensive Sale Online Discount Low Price Fee Shipping EbGrXx
, specializing in aerial and ground surveys and maps; it is located in Paris. Its origins can be traced to a mapmaking group organized in 1719, the Engineers and Geographers for Armies and Camps, which produced several geodetic and triangulation maps of France. During the reign of Louis XV , the group made the first of the whole of France, engraved on leather and preserved in the institute’s library. The group was reorganized in 1794 as the Polytechnical School and in 1887 was divided into the Geographic Service of the Armies and the Historical Service of the Armies. In 1940 the former was converted into the Institut Géographique National, which in 1967 became a public establishment of the state. The institute administers the National School of Geographic Sciences and has an extensive specialized library. It also has a small fleet of airplanes for aerial surveys.

Institut Géographique National (IGN)

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