Our Story

Carolann Chambliss - Viticulturist & CFO

Larry Quinn - Winemaker & General Laborer

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures." - Michael Broadbent

Small-batch, artisan wines without compromise.

Third Time's a Charm Wine Studio was started in 2013 with a single-minded philosophy - to produce an exquisite Colorado-grown, Bordeaux-style wine; simply put, to create a superb red Meritage.

The Meritage designation, America’s equivalent of France’s Bordeaux classification, allows for wines to be crafted from a blend of the classic Bordeaux grapes, the two prominent varietals being Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Though many people try and Frenchify the pronunciation of the word “Meri-tahge,” the Meritage Alliance specifically states that the term should be pronounced to rhyme with “heritage.” Like the fine wine it represents, Meritage is a blending a of the two words “merit” and “heritage.”

Third Time's a Charm Wine Studio is located in the beautiful setting of Longmont, Colorado, right in the heart of the Napa Valley equivilent of America's craft brewing movement.  Producing its signature wine with grapes from Colorado's Western Slope as well as the distinctive, spiciness of the Marquette varietal grown in the Chambliss Vineyards of Longmont, each year's vintage is a unique, proprietary blend. Their motto of “small batch artisan wines without compromise” is something evident in the craftsmanship they put into each year’s vintage. Barrel aging their wine for a minimum 12-18 months and then bottle aging for another two years prior to release ensures a level of quality that can only be attained by Napa’s elite wineries.

With an annual production of less than 20 cases, each year’s vintage is labeled and waxed by hand including painstakingly numbering each bottle in the run.  The name and label for each year’s release is created to capture the essence of that particular vintage.  When we say that our wine is a labor of love, know that it's more than a slick marketing cliche. Third time's a charm... we're living proof.